Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Comments on "What's Print?"

Having read through Bud's post on requiring research papers to have a print source and the many comments about print sources, I realize I have been using outdated terms but up-to-date requirements. For many years I have told students they must use printed material, i.e. a book, journal or other primary source, and their web materials must be clearly cited so I could review the sites for accuracy and content, something they are responsible for in their research. The printed material can be on-line if necessary. My concern, like many of the comments to Bud's post, has always been that the students don't just take the first hits off the web and use them without looking further. I thought by requiring printed material I had a better chance of getting real research. I don't think that is the case now. I think the only way I can get my students to do the required research is by putting a form of accountability in place which will allow me to monitor their searches. I don't know how to do this yet but at less I have an idea about what I need.


  1. It's another world out there...I remember going to the Grad library at U of M during my high school years to find sources for my research paper. I felt so grown up! And now... it's all Google this or Google that...and as teachers, it's even harder to figure out what internet sources to accept and reject.. and how to teach kids the difference. A form for accountability seems like a good step.

  2. In teaching 21st century skills to our students it is important to include how to search for information. It is true so many resources are literally at ones finger tips. It is more inportant to have students examine primary sources. Students have greater access to primary source materials for research than ever before. To read and examine the original records created at the time of an event or the documents that were generated to record the event can only increase the reliability of the information.